Welcome to Crafterpillar
Crafterpillar came to existance after noticing that eventhough a lot of parents want to do some art and craft projects with their children, they usually lack the materials and the right activities. That is where we come in, we have the right tools with our specially designed crafts to have fun by being creative with your family. A video guide will help you with the art and craft projects that you choose to do with your beloved children. Let them be creative and create a better bond with them.
Crafterpillar aims to excite and inspire children by doing fun activities to stimulate their brain.

Our passionate design team is constantly trying to come out with the next big challenge for the little crafter. We carefully assess to ensure the challenge is for all children in the age category and strive for learning, creating and fun all in one.
Inspiring a new age of creators
Seriously fun & enriching art & craft projects,
Delivered right at your doorstep.